I’ve updated the Nats Park Beer Map. It’s not here though. So if you want it, you can click on the top menu thing, or you can just click this link and you’ll get to the maps.

However, if you have a moment, why not read some of what I saw this year, including what has changed

  • District Drafts, in addition to 3 Stars, DC Brau, Atlas, Port City, Mad Fox, and Old Ox, has a few spots which include Fair Winds, Right Proper, Hellbender, and Heritage. Those first 6 mentioned are the majority of the beers, but the last four, which were listed as “guest tap” beers last year, seem to all be there, although not in many places
  • A few new entrants that seem to be everywhere are Sierra Nevada BFD, Estrella Jalisco, and Beck’s. If they were around last season, it wasn’t in many places. This time they’re all over the place now
  • In a shocking, but probably very smart move, the Budweiser Terrace got rid of all their taps! Makes sense to speed up the service there
    • Don’t fret, dear reader. Right next to it now there is a small Devil’s Backbone stand to get your craft-ish fix
  • The trend of a little less Blue Point and a little more Devil’s Backbone seems to be continuing
  • There remain a few other beers that only seem to be in one or two spots
    • Smithwick’s Pale Ale and Guinness Blond in the Captain’s Cove behind sections 130/131
    • Hoegaarden is a good summer beer, but I only saw it in 2 or 3 places (including the Base Line Brews behind sections 135/136). It is the same style as Shock Top so maybe that’s why it’s pretty limited
    • Flying Dog Raging Bitch in cans on the Club Level in the Base Line Brews right by the main ramp
  • The small satellite Base Line Brews around section 133, very close to the huge one with everything behind 135 wasn’t there anymore when I went
  • I didn’t see any more Omission, the gluten-free beer. Even the gluten-free stand on the main concourse didn’t carry it
  • The Goose Island area on the main concourse appears to be expanding. If the trend continues at some point the entire main concourse will be Goose Island, but it’ll take a few seasons (here’s the picture I took of all their varied tap options last season)

Happy beer drinking!


By Charlie