The Nats Park Beer Guide has been updated. If you want to see the maps, just click here – or select it from the menu bar up top. But if you want to read about the changes, well then, read on.

  • The total variety of beer hasn’t seemed to change much, you can still get all different brands and styles. But the variety at each individual stand has been greatly reduced
    • There are just fewer types of cans at each stand. Most places were carrying 2 or 3 types of “craft” cans, whereas in past seasons they’d be carrying more than 5
    • The “in-wall” Base Line Brews in the corner of the Main Concourse near the four food stands and the left field gate was once one of the most stocked spots. This year they had only 6 different craft styles
  • District Drafts seems to have continued on with last year’s “guest tap” situations. And just like last season, they have some staple breweries that are throughout the park (3 Stars, Atlas, DC Brau, Port City, and Mad Fox) and some others that were guest taps last year found in more limited spots (Old Ox, Denizens, Right Proper, Hellbender, Heavy Seas)
  • The Captain’s Cove near the first base gate was one of the only places you could find Guinness or Smithwick’s, and they no longer carried either of those anymore. But there was a new Base Line Brews stand right next to it
  • The new Harris Creek Oyster Company stand near the Budweiser Terrace on the Club Level sells Blue Point, and in addition to Toasted Lager, was the only place I saw Blue Point Summer Ale
  • Behind section 310 on the Gallery Level, a District Drafts has turned into a weird District Drafts/Base Line Brew combo. It has only local beers on tap, but it carries craft beer cans
  • The Gallery Level Blue Point stand has been replaced with a Golden Road Cantina, which has fewer options
  • A few beers that were rare in the past seem to be totally gone, including Beck’s, Kirin, Guinness, and Smithwick’s
  • Estrella Jalisco was a big add last season, and was everywhere. This season it is found in very few spots

Enjoy the beers!

By Charlie