The Nationals Review store is up and running! Sure, you can buy t-shirts, but maybe you’d like a hoodie, or a longsleeve? Well, it’s all there! Anything you see here is available in any of those formats!

Click on the picture to go to the store – and remember – you can get these shirts in over a dozen colors. The links below will take you to the t-shirt page, but you can click on the menu on the left to choose a hoodie or something else.


Uncle Ray’s 

Come on it, we’ll get you set up with a nice tater of your own.  And just like Ray said, “You hang ’em, we bang ’em”


Harper Hop

You know it when you see it. Harper’s swing is not really like anyone else’s. Well, it’s kind of like Babe Ruth’s. But that lifting of his back leg when he really punishes a baseball… you can call it marking his territory, but I call it the Harper Hop (available in Black or White printing)


or maybe you want the hoodie (of course available in red, too, among other colors) or the iPhone case?

Scherzer’s Syrup 

The hero of the day gets the chocolate sauce


HR Harper

Available in Red and Blue Letters

Harper HR Ts


Also available in White letters, which looks good on a red shirt.

Jay Z(imm)

If you’re having curve problems I feel bad for you son


(that does say Pitch, by the way)


This is the term for what just happened to the pitcher, the opposing team, the ball itself after facing Anthony Rendon:

RendOwned Black

And #RendOwned in white typeface:

Rendowned Ladies Red


Wilson Ramos is more than a man. He’s the buffalo. Here, he’s the buffalo-man



Curly W

When a win is all that matters

Curly W

The Nats Review logo 

 TNRlogo shirt\

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