The Nationals Park Beer Guide

It’s back, folks!

Welcome to the Nationals Park Beer Guide, updated for 2019

Nats Park is a great place to see a baseball game, and nothing goes better with baseball then beer. If you are a fan of American light lagers, Nats Park offers plenty of options. And if you’re looking for a bigger variety, you also have quite a few choices.

Unfortunately, the craft beers and imports aren’t always easy to find. And in the middle of a baseball game, you might not want to spend an inning or two meandering around the ballpark looking for the right beer. What you need is a map of the ballpark, and where to find the beer you want. I decided to put together just that, and tried to be as thorough as possible, but there are a few notes worth paying attention to at the bottom of the page.

Also, if you want to read about the changes from last year, click here for the blog post that goes with this year’s map.

But beer and fine print don’t go well together anyway, so… check out the maps:

Main Concourse Level Map

Not including The Red Porch / Budweiser Brew House

Just like last year, the beers at District Drafts will rotate throughout the season – this is a snapshot in time.

The Red Porch

Note: All of the above beers pertain to the Red Porch only, the Red Loft is listed on the Club Level Map. Thanks to JDland for the Red Porch photo

Club Level Map

Gallery Level Map

Enjoy the maps, the games and the beers!

As always, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Local breweries are well-represented now in Nats Park, but they rotate their beers throughout the season. So I only included the name of those local breweries rather than the specific beer they’re serving, which is bound to be wrong. When I was there, though, I saw:
    • DC Brau The Public (Can and on Tap)
    • Old Ox Caught Looking Kolsch
    • Mad Fox Citra Lemon Saison
    • 3 Star Rock Star Irish Red
    • Port City Monumental IPA
    • Atlas 1500 (Can and on Tap)
    • Atlas District Common
    • Hellbender Ignite IPA
    • Right Proper Raised by Wolves
    • Heritage Freedom Isn’t Free
    • Fair Winds Quayside Kolsch
  2. Almost all concession stands have several varieties of Bud, Bud Light, and Bud Light Lime on tap and in bottles. This list is not meant to disparage those beers or those who drink those beers. But as they can be found all over the stadium, it wouldn’t be much of a benefit to list them, and the map wouldn’t be legible. Stella and Shock Top are listed where I could see them, but they are probably present in more places than the map actually shows.
  3. I did, however, try to list every place that sold beer that WASN’T a food stand, even if it had no craft brews or imports. So you will occasionally see those American light lagers on the map.
  4. Lastly, but perhaps most important – this is a snapshot in time, with all research being done one night in April. Keep in mind that the beers and their locations are subject to change, and this is, in the parlance of this website, a small sample size. Sampling during research, on the other hand, was robust.
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27 thoughts on “The Nationals Park Beer Guide

  1. Looks like the “Taste of the Majors” stands might have rotating out-of-town beers. Last night (4/18) they had Boulevard Tank 7 in bottles! I’ll be back Wednesday to see if they have something good for the Angels (fingers crossed for The Bruery.)

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  4. There’s a District Drafts stand on the Gallery level that’s missing; it’s between Sections 308 and 309. As of the first homestand, it had DC Brau, 3 Stars, Mad Fox, and Port City.

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    • I’m gonna guess not, but some of the liquor bars sell bloody marys, so you could always ask for one there, or purchase the beer and juice separately.

  7. Hi! Does anyone know if they sell Non-Alcoholic beer anywhere in the stadium? I know, weird question…help?

  8. Disappointing to have a goose IPA. Horrible taste. Went looking for a Blue Moon or even a Corona to wash the bad taste away and was sad to see they don’t sell those any longer. I settled on water.

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