It’s 2016 and I’ve updated the Nationals Park Beer Guide – it’s up on the top level menu bar but you can just click here to start mapping out your beer sampling.

A few observations from this year’s trip

  • District Drafts have expanded to include more local breweries. In addition to old mainstays 3 Star, Atlas, DC Brau, Port City and Mad Fox, they also added Manassas-based Heritage and Ashburn-based Old Ox
  • A few old favorites like Dogfish Head are gone. We’ve got plenty of new craft beers – including some ones that are pretty hard to find in the stadium like Victory and Fordham
  • Blue Point Toasted Lager is everywhere. It is almost like the new Sam Adams – the craft lager style they have at every stand
  • It appears at least one of the built-in Base Line Brews has been replaced with a pizza/wine spot. But they did add another Base Line as a kiosk nearby, so I don’t think we’re losing too many. Except for the Base Line that was on  the Gallery Level near the LF corner – that’s been replaced by picnic tables and a “Rita Cabana”
  • Besides a couple of Rita Cabanas as an odd stand alone alcohol spot, they also put a place right behind the Budweiser Terrace that sells Orange Crushes (orange vodka, triple sec and orange juice with a splash of Sprite), a popular MD/DE shore drink. In case you want to feel like you’re out at the beach, I guess
  • On the Budweiser Terrace, up until 30 minutes before first pitch, cans of Budweiser products are $5 each for their happy hour deal. Not a ton of variety there, but the price is right


By Charlie