I’ve updated the Nationals Park Beer Guide – it’s up on the top level menu bar but you can just click here to start mapping out your beer sampling. A few observations:

  • The majority of the stands and beers are the same as last year – probably 75% looks the same as last yeardistrictdrafts_image_982w-300x200
  • District Drafts are the big new addition – local brewers DC Brau, Port City, Atlas, 3 Star and Mad Fox are all new to the park, and will be rotating the beers they supply through the year (here’s Mad Fox’s schedule)
  • For all you light beer drinkers (or at least those people who have to pick up a lighter beer when they go and get the ones they want) there are a couple of changes. MGD seems to have been replaced with Coors Banquet so, there’s that. And the Miller Lite scoreboard walk might no longer affiliated with Miller Lite – I noticed the Miller Lite signage was down, although the Nationals website still uses it


By Charlie