The Nationals Park Beer Guide (2013)

This is the post from 2013! Click here to go to the updated 2014 version of the map.

Nationals Park is a great place to see a baseball game, and nothing goes better with baseball then beer. If you are a fan of American light lagers, Nats Park offers plenty of options. And if you’re looking for a bigger variety, Nats Park also give you quite a few choices.

Unfortunately, the craft beers and imports aren’t always easy to find. And in the middle of a baseball game, you might not want to spend an inning or two meandering around the ballpark looking for the right beer. What you need is a map of the ballpark, and where to find the beer you want. I decided to put together just that, and tried to be as thorough as possible, but there are a few notes worth paying attention to at the bottom of the page.

But beer and fine print don’t go well together anyway, so… check out the maps. Click on the images to enlarge:

Main Concourse Level Map

Not including The Red Porch

Main Concourse Map 6-4-2013

The Red Porch 

Red Porch Beers 6-4-2013

Note: All of the above beers pertain to the Red Porch only, the Red Loft is listed on the Club Level Map. Thanks to JDland for the Red Porch photo

Club Level Map

Club Level Map 6-4-2013

Gallery Level Map

Gallery Level Map 6-4-2013

Enjoy the maps, the games and the beers!

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Almost all concession stands have anywhere from 2 to 6 varieties of the following beers, in bottles or on tap: Miller Lite, Coors Light, Blue Moon, MGD, Heineken, Home Run Ale (a clandestine Leinenkugel brew), and, occasionally Sam Adams Boston Lager. This list is not meant to disparage those beers or those who drink those beers (heck, Sam is a craft beer). But as they can be found all over the stadium, it wouldn’t be much of a benefit to list them, and the map wouldn’t be legible.
  2. I did, however, try to list every place that sold beer that WASN’T a food stand, even if it had no craft brews or imports. So you will see those American light lagers on the map
  3. I did not have access to the Club Level interior (Stars and Stripes bar, etc) or the PNC Diamond Club section. I really only trust primary source research, so if someone wants to give me the opportunity to sit in those seats and do more research, I’d happily consider.
  4. My graphic design skills are limited. This was done with PowerPoint. I may have fellow Nats Review podcaster/actual graphic designer Colm or our buddy Ese take a look at how to make this prettier, but for now, this will have to do. But please let me know if this is just illegible to everyone but me!
  5. This is a snapshot in time, with all research being done one night in June. Keep in mind that the beers and their locations are subject to change, and this is, in the parlance of this website, a small sample size. Sampling during research, on the other hand, was robust.
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16 thoughts on “The Nationals Park Beer Guide (2013)

  1. This is great! I did my own walk around the lower bowl last week and was thinking there should be a Beer Map. Go Nats!

  2. Thank you! The way the Nats have been playing, this will be very useful.

    One correction: I’m pretty sure the stand that’s at the upper right of your first graphic also has Guiness. I’ve gotten it there. It was poured way too fast and ended up somewhat flat, but it was definitely there. If you’d really like a stout at the park, I’d recommend asking for the can and pouring it yourself.

    • Thanks I will have to check that out. I have a feeling there is some fluidity to all of this, in that the beers that end up at a specific Base Line Brews may be at a different one the next day, especially when we’re talking about Cans and Bottles. However, that BLB on the top right of the map will always have a huge list compared to the others.

  3. I’ve been buying Newcastle on tap from a stand behind section 230 for at least the last two seasons. They have another beer on tap there that I never buy, perhaps Dos Equis? Also several beers in cans.

  4. Last season the PNC Club had a Nationals Red Ale — not sure if that’s offered this year, or in any of the other “exclusive” clubs. Definitely a beer that should offered throughout the Park, however.

  5. As much as I like running to the Red Porch to see Laura & Karen, this helps offer some other choices for those very crowded games

  6. This weekend, the gallery level Base Line Brews behind home plate had Nationals Red Ale on tap and Raging Bitch in bottles.

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