Yesterday, ESPN came out with their Hall of 100, a neat idea where they basically try to name the 100 best player in baseball history. It was an update from one they did last year, so maybe that’s why I didn’t see quite the fanfare this time. But I still love the idea, and this kind of thing is just made for debate and criticism.

Last night I went through the list and made some comments on Twitter. I didn’t make a comment on all of the players, but here’s what struck me at the time:

(Obviously a typo here – Halladay was #113)

Feller’s numbers were hurt, like many others of his time, by having to leave the game for 3 1/2 years. In Feller’s case, the 3 seasons prior to shipping off, he won 24, 27 and 25 games, respectively. The two years after: 26 and 20. Probably missed about 1200 IP in his absolute prime, possible 90 wins.

Typo here as well, shoulda been “instead isn’t of talking about his career”. So, joke ruined! Athankew

Seriously, can someone tell me when this happened? I didn’t even know who Pete Alexander was when I saw his name. Grover Cleveland Alexander, I’ve known that name since I was 6. But Pete?

Lefty Grove here is perhaps biggest lowball of the whole thing.

Babe Ruth was good. No way that was a real person.

By Charlie