DC IBWA 2010 Awards

What is the DC IBWA, you ask? Why, it’s the DC Internet Baseball Writer’s Association! Anyway, the group has asked for my, as well as everyone else who blogs about the Nats, vote on several topics. They’re due on Saturday, so I figured as I submitted my votes, I’d also let everyone see it. We get three votes for each category, with 5 points for first place, 3 for 2nd place and 1 for 3rd place. Here goes:

Goose Goslin MVP

  1. Ryan Zimmerman
  2. Adam Dunn
  3. Josh Willingham

Walter Johnson Starting Pitcher

  1. Livan Hernandez
  2. Stephen Strasburg
  3. John Lannan

Firpo Marberry Relief Pitcher of the Year

  1. Tyler Clippard
  2. Sean Burnett
  3. Joel Peralta

Sam Rice Hitter of the Year

  1. Ryan Zimmerman
  2. Adam Dunn
  3. Josh Willingham

Frank Howard Slugger of the Year

  1. Adam Dunn
  2. Ryan Zimmerman
  3. Mike Morse

Joe Judge Defensive Player of the Year

  1. Ryan Zimmerman
  2. Ivan Rodriguez
  3. Alberto Gonzalez

Mickey Vernon Comeback Player of the Year

  1. Matt Capps
  2. Jordan Zimmermann
  3. Livan Hernandez

Josh Gibson Humanitarian of the Year

  1. John Lannan
  2. Josh Willingham

Minor League Player of the Year

  1. Danny Espinosa
  2. Josh Wilkie
  3. Tom Milone
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