Here’s what I was hoping for yesterday – Ross Detwiler comes out, throws 6 or 7 innings, gives up less than 3 runs, strikes out more than he walks, and rides off into the sunset for the year. Instead, he gave up 7 ER on FOUR home runs, while striking out 2 and walking 2. 7 ER is bad enough, but the four home runs is a pretty good number for a month, not a game. It really couldn’t have been worse, barring injury.

So where does that leave him? Well, it leaves him in bad shape going in to next season. Early this year he was coming off a strong September, had surgery in February, and spent much of the year recovering. But a strong late part of the year, including a few relief appearances and one good start in September all seemed to be a good sign until last night. One horrendous night won’t ruin his hopes, but he looked bad, and they were hoping for him to show something.

Going in to next year, he was supposed to be the #2 prospect pitcher on the staff, behind Zimmermann. He may still be that in terms of prospects, but it’ll be down at the bottom of the list. And there is no doubt the team can’t count on him to be part of a rotation, they can only hope.

By Charlie