At least a couple of times a year I get positive feedback on the music that Colm and I use on the podcast. So once again, presented with almost no comment, here are the songs we used to intro and outtro the podcast.

There are a couple of repeats – not coincidentally this fell into the “I got a new job, bought a house, moved, and we had a baby” 7 week timeframe, so… I know, excuses, excuses.


Episode #27 – 1/2/14

Jim Guthrie – Lone Star

Episode #28 – 2/21/14

Radiohead – Planet Telex

Episode #29 – 3/27/14

Van Halen – Unchained

Episode #30 – 4/9/14 and Episode #34 – 7/11/14

Pink Floyd – Let There Be More Light

Episode #31 – 5/8/14

J Roddy Walston and the Business –  Take It As It Comes

Episode #32 – 6/13/14

J Roddy Walston and the Business – Heavy Bells

-This song, by the way, is my nominee for entrance music for Heath Bell, should he end up making the Nats bullpen. He probably uses Hells Bells, but this is more appropriate because by all accounts he’s a really nice guy, not at all someone you’d associate with the underworld… and he’s a big dude.

Episode #33 – 6/23/14 and Episode #35 – 8/7/14

Pennywise – Peaceful Day

Episode #36 – 9/8/14

Soul Coughing – Moon Sammy

Episode #37 – 9/17/14

Led Zeppelin – Celebration Day


Episode #38 – 10/7/14

Oasis – Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is

Episode #39 – 11/16/14

Anders Osborne – Echoes of My Sins

-Anders looks like he could be Jayson Werth‘s big brother, so how could I not include him?

Episode #40

Alt-J – Left Hand Free

By Charlie