The Nats were off last night and start a home stand today against the White Sox and the streaking Braves. But the league went on as usual, here are some links from things you might have missed…



  • Which prompted more than one Twitter account to remember a shining moment for Livan Hernandez

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  • Justin Upton does indeed seem to be doing better in Atlanta
  • I know they’ve each only started 2 games, but so far, after Roy Halladay’s poor start, he and Cole Hamels have combined for a 12.50 ERA. One of them will improve significantly. The other one we just don’t know. The numbers don’t really matter, but for your enjoyment (and I know I shouldn’t be encouraging this stuff), here you go:
  • Meanwhile, turning to the Metropolitans, Matt Harvey has impressed some people in his first two games this season:

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  • A new venue, Park Tavern, opened up on 2nd and M st, right on the other side of the Metro from Nats Park:

  • If you’re local, you aren’t the only one who was loving the weather yesterday


By Charlie