The Nationals Review Podcast Episode 1

Nationals Review Episode 1

Charlie and Josh get on the mic to talk all things Nationals for the first ever Nats Review podcast.  Download the podcast by clicking the link above – and it will soon be in the iTunes store.  Here is what they talked about:

  • Introductions
    • Charlie / Nationals Review / podcast every other week
    • Josh / talk about T4 show / Nats fan
    • What are you drinking?
  • Opinions on Offseason acquisitions
    • Gio Gonzalez
    • Edwin Jackson
    • Anyone else that’s a big deal? DeRosa?
  • Opinions on Offseason NON-acquisitions
    • Prince Fielder
    • Yu Darvish
    • Albert
    • Jose Reyes
    • Anyone else?
  • Zimmerman contract
    • Charlie overviews where he sits among 3B
    • Talk about injury risk
    • Our opinions
  • Long term control
    • 5/8 starting position players (including Harper)
    • Top 3 pitchers + Closers
    • This team is basically the team for the next 5 years
  • Potential lineup
    • Is Demond leading off a good idea?
    • Who should hit where?
  • Sammy Solis injury
    • 3rd TJ surgery in 3 years for Nats prospects
    • Is this a high rate?
    • Where does it put Solis
  • Around the League – New playoff format
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