The big Nats news of the week is Ryan Zimmerman coming off the DL. But before he gets all the Z-based attention, we get another chance to marvel at what Jordan Zimmermann has done. Every time he pitches, I tend to write a glowing article about his results, and once again he had a spectacular game. But rather than get too into everything, why don’t you look at what the other Zim has done over his last 8 games:

I don’t have too much to add to this – those total rates are just over the last 8 starts, not his whole season. That being said his season ERA now sits at 3.10, putting him 11th in the NL among qualified starters. Just rehashing some of the stats mentioned last week when assessing him:

He now ranks 7th in the majors in pitchers VORP and 5th in the NL, according to Baseball Prospectus. And moving to fangraphs, he is 6th in pitchers’ WAR in the NL and 5th in FIP.

By Charlie