Mike Morse had an excellent spring, and after a great 2010 in part time action, it seemed that the journeyman had finally found a home. Then April happened. Morse finished April hitting .211/.253/.268. All those numbers look bad, and an OPS under .530 is probably grounds for a demotion. But Riggleman and Rizzo didn’t demote him. Instead, they stuck with him, and it had paid off. While he did get some more sporadic playing time in May, he still has played quite a bit. And recently he has been starting at 1B, and he’s been hitting.

Up until this morning, he was hitting .410/.410/.718 in the month of May. Sure it’s unsustainable, and zero walks is not good, but it shows that he has the ability to hit for extended periods of time. It’s even better after today’s game, in which he hit yet another home run. After 2 ABs on Wednesday, his April numbers was even higher, up to 1.195. Overall, sitting in the 6th inning on Wednesday, Morse was hitting .286/.308/.464 for the season. That .772 OPS is a far cry from his April .521. It also sits him squarely as #3 on the team – behind only Werth and Nix.

By Charlie