What to do in CF

Mike Morse has had such a strong showing this spring, that it’s assumed the LF job is his. With Jayson Werth the obvious starter in RF, that leaves all the other guys scrambling to get placed in CF. Morgan is the favorite, but his poor 2010 and an unimpressive spring (although he hit a homer yesterday) has certainly opened up the competition. Roger Bernadina and Rick Ankiel are the other two obvious candidates, and even Jerry Hairston could be considered in the mix. A platoon isn’t really much of an option because all the guys are lefties other than Hairston, and Hairston has almost no discernible split in over 4000 PAs. So without a convenient platoon, someone’s gotta be the initial starter. Who should it be?

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2 thoughts on “What to do in CF

  1. Who do I think it “should” be? Bernadina. We take the hit defensively but improve offensively.

    Who will it be? Morgan of course. He’ll be given a few weeks to fail before old-school Riggleman makes a move.

    Ankiel is a temptress; every once in a while he hits a fantastic homer or makes a great defensive play … and then the rest of the time he is awful. Look at his spring stats: hitting .206 but slugging .529 right now. I really hope he’s nothing more than a 4th outfielder for this team.

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