We aren’t sure who is going to be the Nats’ 2011 closer for the Nats just yet. Most fans would tell you, though, that Drew Storen will have the job eventually. Storen’s been great with the media, often acting as a mouthpiece / guardian for Strasburg. Storen seems affable, intelligent, and altogether normal. But that doesn’t matter if he’s not effective. And if he is effective, he could dress up in a clown costumes for interviews and most fans would be fine with it.

Brian Wilson, who was very effective last season as a closer and helped his team win a World Series, is different than Storen. He’s different than most people. He was on Lopez Tonight last week, and he put on quite a show. If you like watching weird guys acting funny and even weirder than you thought he was, watch this:

I’m not saying that Drew Storen needs to act like this in order to be a great closer. I’m just saying if he becomes a great closer, I wouldn’t mind at all if shares some crazy with the rest of the world.

By Charlie