Today is the only day of the year, I do believe, where there isn’t an MLB, NBA, NFL or NHL game being played. Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a ton of sports coverage going on, but the major sports don’t play tonight.

Last nights All Star game was interesting in that it was low scoring, AL hitting didn’t demolish NL pitching, and the NL finally won. I don’t doubt that losing every game since 1996 was more coincidence than a proof of AL domination. Even the worst teams in baseball win over 35% of the time, so that drought was as much luck and coincidence than anything else, although the NL being worse probably did add something to it. It was fitting to see Matt Capps get the win, after only facing one batter. Not because he’s having a great season, but because a Nationals bullpen guy often gets the W when they’re victorious. It may have only been more fitting if Tyler Clippard was in there. He leads the team in wins, with Capps coming in tied for 4th with Stephen Strasburg.

The next half a month will probably be focused on the heating up of the trade market. Other than Cliff Lee and Benji Molina, have any notables moved? The Nationals will have the opportunity to trade a multitude of useful players including Capps, Adam Dunn, Josh Willingham, Cristian Guzman, Adam Kennedy and Livan Hernandez. Which, if any of them, end up moving will be determined after another 17 days or so, depending on when you’re reading this.

And A Little Something on a Slow Sports Day

If you like Flip Flop Fly Ball, and you should, then you may like this site on Flickr.  It’s a collection of graphics by Michael Paukner, and while it has nothing to do with sports, it reminds me of Flip Flop. It’s a little nutty and conspiracy-theory heavy to take too seriously, but still entertaining. If you’re a baseball geek, you may be a regular geek so you may like it. Here are a few of my favorites.

By Charlie