The Nationals have continued to slide this week and over the weekend. For most of the year, other than the heart of the order, the rest of the team has struggled to hit, and now even Ryan Zimmerman is in a slump. Besides Stephen Strasburg and 3 of 4 very good starts from J.D. Martin, the starting pitching isn’t doing much to help. There is about 5 weeks until the trade deadline, but rumor has it the market is about to pick up really quick.

They could, start trading away just about anyone that’s not gonna be here in a few years. This could include Willingham, possibly Dunn as well, although let’s not get too much into specifics. Another option is to try to trade those guys that definitely won’t be here in the longrun – Guzman, Kennedy, maybe even Livo. Or, maybe the real problem is not enough of something – they could use another starter, imagine throwing Oswalt or Lee back to back with Strasburg. Or maybe some bats to fill out second base or right field. Alternatively, they could give it another two weeks and see where they stand before making any moves. What should their priority be right now?

By Charlie