I have a new addiction, and it is trivia. Actually, I’ve always loved trivia, but now I have a new website that I am addicted to called Sporcle. I don’t even know if it’s new, but it’s new to me so back off! They have all kind of categories, but of course, I really enjoy the baseball ones. Here are a few of the quizzes for baseball – and how I did. Some I am puffing my chest out about, others I am quite ashamed of my lack of knowledge. See if you can beat my score:

Multiple MVP Winners (21/26)

1990s Home Run Leaders (20/24) – apparently no matter how many ways you try to spell Caminiti, he’s still not on the list

Most All Star Game Appearances (21/28)

1990s Wins Leaders (15/24)

MLB Teams Kenny Lofton Has Played For (8/11)

Home Run Leaders A-Z (15/25)

Home Run Leaders by Team (27/30) – I was surprised at how well I did – but most of these guys are household names

MLB Stadiums (24/30) – Wait, Jimmy Buffett got to name a stadium?


As an aside, the only quiz I’ve taken on the entire site where I’ve got 100% is this one. Yeah, I know.

By Charlie