Everyone being ESPN and Baseball Prospectus, in a couple of joint or related articles. These are the “Kiss ‘Em Goodbye” series, which you need Insider or a BP subscription to read. It’s the “series on MLB teams that are out of contention.” Of course, this could have been started months ago for the Nats, but I digress. I can’t in good conscience reproduce everything they had to say, since you gotta pay for it.

But I can give a few highlights on their take on the team, so here you go, plus some of my own comments in italics:

  • Despite blunders and gaffes, hiring Rizzo and signing Strasburg ends the season on a high note  – of course, that assumes the season ended mid-August. Which I guess it did for this team.
  • Apparently one of the questions in the GM search was “What do you think of Bobby Valentine?” – Could be a preview for who they want, not sure if he’s the right guy, but he sure is fun to have around.
  • They are last in virtually every pitching stat, so they shouldn’t get too attached to any of their pitchers – Yeah, I noticed that, check out the widget on the right of your screen.
  • A couple of starting pitchers will be signed in Free Agency, a good one and an innings eater named Livan – Livan, eater of innings and probably lots of meatball subs to return? I’d believe it, as he’s already with the team and looks like their second best starter. A bigger name besides him? I am more suspect of that.
  • They need catching depth so expect the Return of Brian Schneider  – If only Brian Schneider of 2005 would return, since that’s the last time his bat was helpful. Of course the alternatives are… ugh.
  • Drew Storen looks like he’ll be good – Agreed
  • They consider Ian Desmond to be a key player to build around – So do I, and that’s not necessarily because I have really high expectations for him. Not everyone is going to be a superstar, but he doesn’t have to be super to be an important, and helpful, part of the team.  If he’s just good, he’s better than what they often run out there.

By Charlie