It’s September 21, the Nats have a few games left, but Adam Dunn is only at 37 home runs. So, with only 13 games to go, Dunn has to hit a HR every 4 games to get to 40. Seems possible from him, a guy who averages 1 every 4 games every single season, but still… He hasn’t been hitting with any power and I wonder if maybe he thought he had reached his requisite 40 and has shut it down.

In the last 18 games he has really struggled. Since Aug 30, Dunn has hit .242/.333/.348. That means he is hitting the low end of his average, he isn’t walking, and is hitting with very little power. In fact, in those 66 ABs during that span, he has a TOTAL of 3 extra base hits. THREE in 18 games. Dunn isn’t himself, and if he wants to get to 40 (which is largely irrelevant so maybe he doesn’t want to get there), he’s gotta break out of this slump. It’s probably not much of a coincidence that with Dunn struggling to hit, this team is struggling to score in the month of September – their runs per game fell from 7th in the league to 10th in the course of the last 2 weeks. That’s a big drop at this point in the season.

By Charlie