Whoa whoa whoa, someone’s been reading The Nationals Review! Ok, the Nats have probably never read it, but according to ESPN980, the Nats had a meeting with Cristian Guzman last night yesterday afternoon, asking him to play 2B in the 2010 season. Wow, I’ve been screaming this since May! And I’ve said it only about every time I have had the chance since. It appears that the Nats think it’s a good idea, too. By the way, the 980 report also said that Guzman was “in shock” and didn’t provide an answer.

As I see articles providing evidence of this, I’ll link them here. Here’s one that talks about why they’re concerned. Here’s one saying he won’t become less valuable at 2B.

This is what it may look like:

guzman near 2b

And I’m guessing this is your starting SS for 2010:

Desmond Fielding2

Seems like a wise decision, assuming Desmond can field SS. Even if he’s not the starter, I like the idea of Guzman playing 2B. His bat is OK, nothing great, but better than most alternatives. And his range is really diminished, while Desmond’s is impressive. If this team is all about up-the-middle defense, like Rizzo says, moving Guzman, off the team or to 2B, is the way to go.

By Charlie