Ok, it’s been 2 games since Ian Desmond has been called up and my patience has already worn thin. Why aren’t they playing a guy who they know can hold down the fielding side of shortstop and don’t know if he can hit? Why aren’t they giving a youngster a chance rather than playing older guys? Why aren’t they sitting woefully bad hitters in order to play guys who, frankly, we just have no idea about? Is it to WIN? Because that aint working.

So, in my form of mini-protest, I’m starting the Ian Desmond watch. Look up in the top right corner of those widgets. Today is DAY ONE. Actually, scratch that. There have been 2 games already where he’s rode the pine. Today is DAY THREE of the Ian Desmond watch.

Am I making way too big of a deal about a player that isn’t expected to be anything special? Yeah, I probably don’t need to be writing about this a third day in a row. But he still needs to be given a chance to play.  And the Nats keep losing, it’s not like there’s something more exciting to talk about. Which is just WHY guys like Desmond should be playing.

In case you are trying to spot him on the bench:



Desmond Fielding2

By Charlie