Yesterday, while Brian and I were in the midst of doing alive blog during the game, Ryan Zimmerman hit his 26th home run of the year. Why is this important? Well, I’ve been screaming since 2007, when he hit 24 HRs at age 22, that Zimmerman was going to consistently be a 30 HR hitter. I was argued with, chided and mocked for my beliefs, but he just hit his 26th, and he’s still only 24 years old. So even though I posted it yesterday, in case you missed it, we continue with the Ryan Zimmerman Road to 30 HR uniform gallery:



And even though every time I’ve asked an ESPN guy if he can hit 30 HRs they deny it, or they conveniently pretend they didn’t see my question, I finally got one to admit he may do it:

Charlie (Bethesda) I’ve yet to get an ESPN chatter to admit it, but come on you can do it. Ryan Zimmerman is going to be a 30 HR kind of guy.
Buster Olney (12:55 PM) Charlie: OK. You’re right.

A Small Victory! Ok, it doesn’t mean much of anything, but hey, it made me happy. Now Zim, go hit 4 more, please?

By Charlie