Want to know what is causing me stress? Teams not named Nats making trades. Here are some examples, and my thoughts, with thanks to Rotoworld as I’m stealing their headlines:

Trade 1

Translation: After getting LaRoche and Anderson, Boston probably doesn’t have interest in Johnson or Willingham


Translation: San Francisco doesn’t need Nick Johnson either. They still could use an outfielder though

This fun quote is from the New York Post:

With Adam LaRoche going to Boston and Ryan Garko going to San Francisco, an AL executive said, “Where does (Washington’s) Nick Johnson go now?” Those were the two teams most interested in adding a first baseman. Johnson is a free agent at the end of the season. The belief is that interim GM Mike Rizzo would like to turn Johnson into a couple of prospects for the worst-in-the-majors Nationals.

Yikes, and that’s not all:


Translation: Minnesota desperately needs another middle infielder, but doesn’t seem to be looking in the direction of Cristian Guzman. Maybe we should yell and jump up and down.

Yet, Hope Springs Eternal

Let’s not get too hung up on any of these trades. OCab hasn’t happened yet. And Garko isn’t necessarily the solution at first for SF, just like Anderson isn’t necessarily a full time OF solution for Boston. But right now it sounds like we’re sitting on the outside looking in. There are other options out there as well:


Translation: Joe Beimel?

and finally:


Translation: Nothing to do with a trade, but it’s good to see Boone getting back at it after open heart surgery

By Charlie