No Nats Trade Rumors

The Nationals Trade Meter appears stalled:

nats speedometer

Nothing here yet.



It’s not really possible that they reach Friday without some deals… is it?

A Few Bright Spots

The Nats Team ERA dipped below 5.00 today for the first time since probably all year. They’re at 4.99 right now, it may not remain below 5.00, but for one day, it’s there.

Ryan Zimmerman now has 17 Home Runs, on pace for 29 this year. I’m not saying I’m the ONLY person who saw a 30 HR potential in him, I may just be the only one who wrote it down. He may not get there this year, of course. But next year he’ll be 25 years old, wouldn’t you expect more?

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One thought on “No Nats Trade Rumors

  1. No trades? Yeah, I could see it, unfortunately. We held on to Cordero, DY and Guzman when we should have dumped them.

    I could also see Kearns and Belliard remaining on the roster after 7/31. Inertia is the face of disaster is par for the course for this franchise.

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