So Nyjer Morgan for Lastings Milledge. Interesting, I mean, you’re trading a youngster who still has star potential for a 29 year old journeyman in his first MLB season. Is that really what you want to… oh, hold on… have you met my new friend, centerfield defense? Yeah, he hasn’t really ever been here before. I mean, he’s popped his head in once in a while, but he’s recently decided to hang out all the time. Yeah, Nyjer Morgan brought him by. Sure, go ahead and say hi:






Yeah CF defense used to live in Montreal – he hung out all time with current Nats coach Marquis Grissom back in the early 90s… Anyway, what was I saying about the trade? I forget, anyway, glad you got to meet centerfield defense, I am betting the young pitchers would like to invite some more defense to the party.

By Charlie