The Draft is Tomorrow, The Trade May Be Soon

The draft is tomorrow night, and the big question revolves around Stephen Strasburg. Are they really going to take him? All signs point to “yes” but we really won’t know until Tuesday evening. Of course, there is that #10 pick that the Nats get as well. An historical draft in that nobody has ever had two picks that early in the draft. Hopefully Mike Rizzo and the rest of management will take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity and help to turn this franchise around.

Last week, I took a look at 8 potential draftees for the #10 spot. Here is the list:

Kyle Gibson – 6/1
Chad Jenkins – 6/2
Alex White – 6/2
Brett Jackson – 6/3
Rich Poythress – 6/3
Wil Myers – 6/4
Mike Trout – 6/4
Matthew Purke -6/5

Whether they end up taking any of these guys, or someone else entirely, there will be plenty of time to analyze the pick after it’s done. For now, let’s call this enough of a preview. If I’ve missed someone that ends up getting picked, well, that’s just more new stuff you’ll get to read!

Status of the Trading Partners

Talk has been heating up that Nick Johnson is going to get traded. It’s not just the desparation of the other teams that are adding to this. For the season, Nick is batting .336/.427/.460. Over his last 30 games, he’s done even better, batting .336/.452/.500. This is pretty impressive from a potential DH/1B, but especially if you are the Mets or the Red Sox.

The Red Sox keep on sending David Ortiz to the plate, and he keeps delivering very little. Rumors of his decline are not exaggerated – he’s batting .197/.288/.308 this year.  Over his last 30 games, it’s been just about the same, slightly worse – he’s hitting .168/.288/.283 over those latest 132 PA. That’s right, he’s got a higher OBP than SLG. It’s not the same Ortiz.

The Mets, meanwhile, are dealing with the loss of Carlos Delgado. He had hip surgery on May 18, and the timetable is approximately 10 weeks. That would put him back the last week in July. But he’s not young, there’s no telling if he’s in game shape then, and if he’ll be able to play on a regular basis. So projecting a timetable is irresponsible, but if he’s back and fully Delgodo-y before August, I’d be surprised. In his place is youngster Daniel Murphy, who started out strong but is now down to hitting .247/.330/.370. But they have holes in both corners of the outfield. As Murphy shifts back and forth from first to left, they’ve had to fill in wherever he’s not playing. Ryan Church was on the DL but he wasn’t really hitting when he was there. Gary Sheffield has played well, but they still need some help somewhere. Nick could come in and shore up first base, and the Mets would hope that a rotation of Sheffield, Church, Murphy, Pagan, and Tatis would be enough in the corner outfield spots.

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3 thoughts on “The Draft is Tomorrow, The Trade May Be Soon

  1. Have you heard anything about what the Red Sox are willing to give for NJ? The Mets have nothing (realistic) the Nats could or at least should want.

  2. I’d like Nick Johnson to stick around because he’s been performing well for us, but I think we need to seriously consider trading him if we can get something good in return. In addition to a decent player or some top prospects, the trade could also help us find a solution for what to do with Adam Dunn on defense. While he’s still not fantastic there, after all, Dunn has performed reasonably well for him at first when compared to the outfield.

  3. I’ll respond (in a way) to both of these comments at once.

    The Mets may be willing to part with Bobby Parnell, who is a potential closer. It’s not the ideal piece the Nats could get, but it may be the best. I wrote about the Mets possible trade pieces here:

    As for the Sox, there is talk of the Nats wanting Justin Masterson, but the Sox are probably more willing to part with reliever Manny Delcarman.

    On to the other comment. Remember that Nick is a FA at the end of the year. They can always trade him and then try to re-sign him if they need a first basemen. For now, he’s probably there best trading piece on a team that really has no chance this year. Might as well work for the future!

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