The MLB draft is coming up, and starts next week on Tuesday night, June 9.  Besides having the #1 pick, the Nats also have the #10 pick. With Mike Rizzo in charge (maybe), the man who was a big part of putting together a solid Arizona farm system, there is hope that they will do something good with this pick. Over the course of this week, I’ll profile several players that are potential picks for the Nats at #10.

Rich Poythress

Another position player that the Nats have been keeping their eye on is Georgia first baseman Rich Poythress. He’s listed as #24 and #33 on the Law and Callis depth charts, respectively. He’s big and he’s strong, listed at 6’4″ and 245 lbs, and he’s also apparently very slow.

He can hit for power, thanks to his strength. He doesn’t pull the ball, and it’s thought that while his power may not completely translate to the big leagues, if he learns to pull the ball more he could continue to slug. There is less doubt that he can hit the ball as to whether or not he can hit with real power. Adjustments may need to be made in the minors when he gets there. He has a good eye and has high marks for getting on base.

He could potentially be a first baseman of the future, but he must first show that his power translates to wooden bats and the pros. I wouldn’t expect him to be up too quickly, but if he can hit in the minors, he could move faster than he does on the bases. Not an early 2010 prospect, but if he shows the same power and patience as he did in college, he may be up in the following spring.

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*Credit is due to Jim Callis and Keith Law among others, as I am not a scout and am simply trying to summarize their opinions in a way that gives Nats fans an idea of these players without running afoul of any copyright stuff.

By Charlie