Something I Never Thought I’d See

I’m not talking about the home run calls – another questionable call that went against the Nats. I’m not talking about how said of last night’s game, “Santana dominates” due to his 11 Ks. I seem to remember seeing 6 BB and 3 ER in only 6 IP. That’s a 4.50 ERA, by the way, the very minimum of a quality start. That qualifies for dominant these days? Ok whatever.

No, I’m talking about how Cristian Guzman took a bases loaded walk yesterday from Johan Santana. That happened? Really? Going in to last night’s game, of the 171 players with 150 or more PAs this season, Christan Guzman was tied for last place in the league with 2 BBs. Johan Santana is 15th among active pitchers in the majors in lowest walks per nine innings.

This is something like the equivalent of David Wells or Greg Maddux in their primes giving up a bases loaded walk to… well, Cristian Guzman, I guess.

I’d love to see the numbers on:

  1. How many times Guzman has taken a bases loaded walk
  2. How many times Johan has given up a bases loaded walk
  3. Percentage of times a team gets a bases loaded walk and still loses
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One thought on “Something I Never Thought I’d See

  1. And even beyond that-he walked Zimmermann to load the bases! I wonder if those two have the combined least walks in a season to ever be walked back-to-back by Santana (the most obscure stat ever?).

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