I try to stay on the Nats beat here. I don’t really even know what a beat is, but I think it means the things I write about. Anyway, there has been alot of talk about ARod recently, and I think he’s got kind of a bum rap. You know, for an out-of-touch egomaniac who hasn’t shown up in the playoffs. Seriously, watching him play quite a bit, I can promise you that he’s more clutch than most people think, smiles more than you’d expect and overall less of a meanie than he is portrayed. So rather than dedicating alot of my own words to it, I figured I’d link a couple that I liked and actually agreed with:

First is an article by my favorite blogger, Steven Goldman, on how he really doesn’t think Selena Roberts knows baseball or is a good reporter, and that she shouldn’t be trusted at all. It’s here in the Pinstriped Bible.

A tongue in cheek article from ESPN Page 2’s Jim Caple: In defense of Public Enemy No. 1.

By Charlie