Where’s the Beer?

One thing I didn’t mention in my last post was why Sunday at Nats stadium was disappointing to me for a few reasons. Although I did witness Stan Kasten wandering around the stadium on more than one occasion (he’s a phone-holster-in-the-belt guy), I was there to watch baseball and try out some beers. There are still a few on the list that I haven’t tasted and I was really looking forward to the chance. Too bad I couldn’t find any. I started out at the Red Porch, where you had your choice of American big time brews, and then Peroni and Leinenkugel’s Home Run Ale (I know it was a Leiney, I THINK it was the HR Ale). That’s it. I really expected more at the Nationals Park hyped-up bar section. I went with the Leinenkugel and it was good, but I really wanted some of the weird stuff. The bartender there couldn’t be less helpful telling me where I might find it, although he was very nice about trying. We finished our beers from the empty CF standing room only section and watched Hanley Ramirez launch a few into the LF stands during BP, and wandered on.

Walking on the upper concourse from the Red Porch towards the first base line, I found a beer stand. They had the same beers, so I asked where to go to find some weird beers. She directed me to go straight down, section 129. Not a beer vendor in sight there, so I asked an usher. He had no clue where I might find some microbrews, but directed me towards 136 where I found a stand selling two different beers. These were two beers not on the Sports Bog’s list of beers, so while I got to try something a little different, it still wasn’t what I was looking for. They were different though, so I got one, I’m not even sure what it was, however, it was quite tasty. If I were a real reporter I would have written it down or something, but I’m not, and I couldn’t tell you what the other beer at the stand was either. I asked no fewer than 5 bartenders and 2 ushers, and none of them had any clue where i might find some microbrews. Where are these beers that the stadium claims to be selling? Are they only for people who pay for expensive seats? One thing I am happy to mention is, despite my annoying questioning, every person who I asked was extremely friendly, had a smile, and did there best to come up with a place for me to wander off to next searching for beers. They didn’t have the right info, but at least they were real nice about it.

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3 thoughts on “Where’s the Beer?

  1. The travesty is that none of the great local breweries are represented: no Old Dominion, no Capital City, no Sweetwater Tavern.

    The Nats probably lose about $250 per season in revenue I don’t give them because of this abomination. I’d rather drink no beer than bad beer or the same boring beer I could get anywhere in the country.

  2. Found Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout, Southampton Triple Abby Style Ale and Harpoon UFO Hefeweizen on working taps at Red Porch (not Loft) bar on Sunday. Also found Wild Goose IPA on tap at Baseline Brews near my seats in 318. Saw but did not drink Dominion Lager, Dominion Ale and Fordham Copperhead Ale on tap.

    But for sure there are no employees at the stadium that know anything about the beer selection.

  3. Great call on those last ones, I’m pretty sure that Dominion Ale and Copperhead Ale were the double-barreled taps at the stand I saw. I can’t remember which one I tried, and that only sort of has to do with the fact that it was my 4th beer. I just never remember those kind of things…

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