Here’s my take on the big awards:

AL MVP – Mike Trout

I’ll get the most contentious one out of the way first. I picked Trout over Miguel Cabrera not because of WAR (which I do like) or anything like that. I think the case can be made that Miggy was the best hitter this year, but Trout was awfully close. Trout, however, was a much better defensive player. Therefore, overall, Trout was better. I won’t even get into the advantages that Miggy had with park effects and opponents’ pitching staffs. Trout was a better player than Cabrera, even if you buy that Miggy was a better hitter. Frankly, because he plays such a more difficult defensive position than either guy, Cano may even be above Cabrera, but I won’t get into that here.

NL MVP – Buster Posey

Posey’s got a better OPS than McCutchen (in SF, a real pitcher’s park) and a higher OBP than Braun (who should get extra points this year after coming back and killing it again) and he plays catcher.

AL Cy Young – David Price

I know that Justin Verlander has a better shot at winning, and he’d certainly be a deserving candidate. But I like Price for doing so well against better hitting opponents. 3 of the bottom 5 AL teams in runs/game were in the Central, and none were Detroit. The hitting on the East teams was much better.

NL Cy Young – R.A. Dickey

I’d love it if Gio wins, and it certainly wouldn’t be a travesty, he’s been spectacular. But Dickey has more Ks, a better ERA+, and pitched more innings. And watching Gio all year, I know that his 6 IP limit in most games is indeed a weakness. So reluctantly, I pickey Dickey.

AL RoY – Mike Trout

No argument here? No argument here.

NL RoY – Bryce Harper

The voting might be close, I don’t know. But I think the choice is an easy one. I go into real detail here.

By Charlie