I was gone for the last two weeks and I came back to a few things happening on the Nats homefront. I’m not gonna spend too much time on most of it, just a few comments on each things, then hope for some actual news to talk about. So here’s my review of some news that is old:


Since they needed a catcher, they decided to go out and sign a Hall of Famer. Ivan Rodriguez used to be great, and easily one of the best catchers all time. He brings some cache and perhaps can tutor Jesus Flores. Other than that, I see why people were shocked at the signing. At $3M per year for 2 years, he’s the 4th highest paid player on the team per season. For what? He used to be a great defensive catcher and a great hitter. He can still defend, although his arm isn’t what it used to be, and he didn’t hit at all last year, in two friendly parks. Yet, I kinda like this move.

There was a need for a catcher. Rodriguez can still catch. And as for his hitting? It’s still better than Wil Nieves or Josh Bard. Much better? No, but if you can have one of those 3 guys hitting terribly, take the guy who maybe will help in the clubhouse, be a leader, and teach Flores a thing or two. Who else were they gonna sign? Nobody else available was anything special, or even much better, and it’s not like they were gonna give up someone in a trade when they have 2 strong catching prospects. For some cash, this wasn’t a bad deal.

Starting Pitching

They’re still looking at signing a veteran free agent to round out the staff. Jon Garland and Jason Marquis are being named by Ken Rosenthal. Garland seems to me to be a better choice than Marquis. They’ve both had their ups and downs, but Garland had his ups in the AL, meaning he may be the better guy. Garland throws strikes and pitches to contact, meaning he’ll need a good defense behind him. And he starts every game, so he can be a horse. The Nats, if they get him, have to hope their adjustments have improved the defense. Marquis is also a horse, and also needs a good defense behind him, but he walks too many guys compared to Garland, and just isn’t as good. He couldn’t even make the postseason roster for the Rockies, so I’m not sure what he has to add. Garland has more upside, is better, and is a year younger.

I’ll give you more on either of those guys if they decide to sign them, but you know where I stand.

Nick Johnson

So the Nats didn’t get him back to play first base. I’m curious, as the Yankees are planning on DH-ing him, how healthy he’ll stay playing once a week in the field. And does any of his power come back – those kind of injuries usually mean long recovery for power. Not that the Nats should have signed him, just curious to see how he does.

More when there’s more…

By Charlie