For a weekly blog, there sure are alot of posts this week. But MASN just released the Nats TV schedule, and there’s not much more important to me than baseball and tv. Here is a link to the actual schedule

The highlights are thus:

  • All games will be on, between MASN and MASN2, the difference is irrelevant I think
  • Much more important: By my count, there will be 115 games broadcast in High Definition
  • MASN HD is scheduled to launch April 1
  • The June series against the Yankees and the one against Boston are both in HD. The one against AL champion Tampa Bay is not
  • Lots of HD games against the NL East
    • 16 of 18 games vs Philly
    • 13 of 18 games vs Atlanta
    • 15 of 18 games vs the Metropolitans
    • but only 7 out of 18 games vs Florida
  • The opening day game against Florida is NOT in HD, which, as Charles Micheal Michaels says, bottles the mind

By Charlie