The Winter Meetings, as you probably know, are in full swing. This year it’s in Las Vegas, which is nice for them. I’m here in the DC area where all meetings are wintery right now. The Nationals have some opportunity here, as people are looking for players to complete their teams.

One possibility that has been talked about is Tim Redding being traded to the Rockies. I think these are the kind of moves that should be made. Redding being talked about as a front-of-the-rotation starter is insane, but he can eat innings and he showed he can pitch well enough. He pitched well in the first half and fell off towards the end. Even with that, he had a league average ERA through the beginning of August before self-destructing. But I have trouble making too much of this, it was the first time he’s pitched over 101 innings since 2003. That’s a long time. I expect him to come out and be about a league average pitcher next season, with an ERA in the low 4’s. Regardless, going on 31 years old, he isn’t what the Nats need. If they are going for respectable, go ahead and keep him. If they are trying to get prospects to help build a winner, deal him for younger players.

Another guy who should be shopped around is Ronnie Belliard. There are enough teams looking for second basemen that a guy like him should be drawing some interest. It may be closer to the end of the offseason, as the Free Agents are signed and the trades are made, that people realize he’s one of the best options out there. But he is an option. The Dodgers need a 2B. There are strongly denied rumours that the Yankees are going to trade Cano, they might need one. The Phillies may need a fill in for Utley for a couple of months, Belliard is the kind of guy that can do that and then hit well off the bench without whining.

We’ll see what the coming week brings. If the Nats make a move, I’ll be sure to comment on it.

By Charlie