Baseball America came out with their top 100 prospects list yesterday… There are some interesting things that are worth nothing for Nationals fans.

First, Stephen Strasburg is the #1 overall prospect. This is not surprising, we all knew this, it’s just further confirmation. As I have stated before, the Nats should be picking this guy with the first pick, if they don’t, it could be a good sign that they aren’t committed to getting the best players if they think it will be pricey. On the other hand, he could have a terrible spring or something like that, in which case he may drop. But for now, look for this guy to be a National soon.

#5 on the board is Aaron Crow. If you recall, the Nats drafted him in the 9th spot in 2008, but couldn’t sign him. This shows you that the 2009 draft is weaker, and that for everyone who said “oh no big deal, we’ll get spot 9a next year,” we aren’t going to get as good of a player. So we lost Crow, lost a top pick in one draft, and trade it for a player lower down on the list. That doesn’t mean in the end it won’t work out, it just means the chances are decent the Nats ended up with a net loss here.

Because of the Crow situation, the Nats do have pick 9a, or whatever they call it. They pick first and tenth next season, which will be fun to watch. Listed at #10 is Mike Minor, a LHP pitcher from Vanderbilt. David Price is a LHP from Vandy. I’m not saying, I’m just saying. Around there is all pitching right now, from spots 9-14.  I’m sure as the June draft day gets closer, these will change, but for now, that’s what’s going on.

By Charlie