Just got back from the Wednesday night 10-4 debacle loss to the Marlins. I don’t have much to say about the game, Bergmann looked strong until I went for food. Then it was 5-1. I took alot of pictures, and I know I’m a little late on the whole “what does the new stadium look like” thing, but, whatever, I thought it would be nice to post them. The stadium is beautiful inside, it’s laid out nice, the views seem great from everywhere, and the weather was great, so other than the Nats sucking, I really enjoyed it! I’m not going to have alot to write about each picture, just a basic caption below for most. Enjoy.

View of the Capitol from just out of the Metro

The Entrance from just out of the Metro

Centerfield gate

View from centerfield right by the entrance

The Pressbox is so high up

Some pretty good food choices, I still have quite a few foods on my list of things to try that I haven’t gotten to yet. Saw some guys munching on wings in the section over that looked real good. Also reports are that the cheesesteak stand makes a decent sammich.

The food at Ben’s was delicious… but you can get Ben’s Hot Dogs or Half Smokes (and Chili) all over the park at most hot dog stands.

Nice view from the LF concourse. Pretty much the entire concourse has great open views of the field, so you never feel like you are away from the game, even when you are getting food.

As you walk around the concourse, there are a couple of posters with the history of the game in DC. I think it could have been bigger, there is lots of room around that section, but its still a nice touch. The two big players at the bottom of the page are Walter Johnson on the left, and Josh Gibson on the middle-right.

View from the RF concourse.

Oh that scoreboard. It’s like my HDTV if Paul Lo Duca hooked it up with steroids.

There’s a section with batting cages and pitching cages. Looked pretty fun, I may have to play next time.

MLB The Show on Playstation 3 if you want to play. Colm loves it.

People rocking out at Guitar Hero III

The view from the Red Porch is nice, too.

The always exciting LF bullpen.

Future star Andrew Miller doing some fielding drills and soft toss in the OF before the game. Behind him stands someone who is clearly not a professional baseball player, or David Wells.

The upper level center field concourse is huge and open air. It’s real nice, and even has a Five Guys (it’s the little red sign just to the left of the big #10 in the background). The only picture I got of it was the very front, an area with another great view called the Barpen.

After a hard day of creating a new country, Jefferson and Washington are off to race their giant heads around a baseball field. It makes perfect sense to me.

And they’re off!

Jefferson wins!

Another great view, they seem to be everywhere.

A little over 23,000 is a decent but not impressive crowd.

Amezaga lines out to end the top of the 9th. Don’t worry Amezaga, everyone had left by then, so nobody saw it.

Aaaand that’s game. Oh well, maybe next time, eh?

On the way out we stopped by the team store. Nice Mt. Rushmore inside.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of Nationals Park. I had a great time just soaking in the new stadium, and my only other observation is that the crowd was real quiet, even in the first few innings when the Nats were winning a close one. It may take some time, but a little noise from the fans would be cool.

By Charlie