An interesting, although completely inconclusive discussion on the latest news with MASN’s potential to carry Nats (and O’s) games in HD ran last week in Rob Pegoraro’s Technology Blog on the Washington Post site:

I’m really not trying to get into the network-bashing, or cable-provider bashing. But I have had a few questions about what the story is, this is the latest thing I can find. Take it for what it’s worth, I just hope I can watch alot of Nats games in HD. However that occurs, I don’t really care.

Follow up Monday Feb 25:

I noticed Chris my second favorite Nats blog Capital Punishment¬†posted more info about MASN in HD. Turns out, they are running 40 Nats games and 40 O’s games in HD this season to make a total of… 74 games (6 of the games for each team are against the other one, so there you go math majors). Anyway, here’s the link from MASN:

By Charlie