When we first started doing The Nationals Review podcast, Colm picked the classic sports theme “Rock and Roll Part 2” as the intro. But after a few episodes, I got tired of it, and we decided to start putting different songs. We started this year, with Episode 16 way back in January, and by Episode 18 we decided to go with a different song each time.

We’ve gotten some good feedback on the songs, so I figured I’d post links to videos for all of them here, in case you want to listen. If you’ve never heard these songs and you like them, well, there’s just more evidence that you should be listening to the podcast. Enjoy!

Episodes 16 & 17 – Gaslight Anthem, American Slang

Episode 18 – Kula Shaker, Hey Dude

Episode 19 – The Libertines, Don’t Look Back into the Sun

Episode 20 – Govt Mule, Mr High and Mighty

Episode 21 – Zombie Nation, Kernkraft 400 (please forgive, it was during the short-lived Nats zombie craze)

Episode 22 – Matthew Sweet,  Girlfriend

Episode 23 – Mega Man 2, Flash Man Theme

Episode 24 – Kent, 500 Slag

Episode 25 – Feeder, Tumble and Fall

Episode 26 – Feeder, Come Back Around

I don’t really know how we ended up with 2 Feeder songs in a row. I don’t even listen to them that much right now, but so it goes…

By Charlie