We’ve been waiting for this day since October 12, and it’s finally here. Opening Day isn’t just the beginning of baseball, its also the unofficial beginning of the spring – baseball goes hand in hand with the warm weather and our emergence from the cold, and it makes this day all the more exciting. The fact that this team looks great right now doesn’t hurt.

The weirdest thing about this Opening Day is how much the Nats are expected to succeed. There are baseball writers all over the place picking the Nats to at least play in or win the World Series. It’s hard not to pick this team to go far, with one of the best pitching staffs, both bullpen and starting rotation, in baseball, as well as a deep lineup with a couple of superstars to complement the overall competence.

We’re not used to those kind of broad national expectations in this town, let alone with this team. It’s exciting and warranted, even if it’s a little nerve wracking. But with the team as it is currently constructed, it’s hard to find much fault. There is alot to be excited about in DC this spring, and like many, I’ve picked them to win it all. Now is time to sit back and watch some baseball, hope to see you all at the parade in DC in October.

By Charlie