Yesterday at Nats Park, a truly historic event took place. No, I’m not talking about the Teddy victory, which somehow made the cover of the Washington Post. I like the president’s race, it’s a cute idea, but I’m glad this silly Teddy thing is over. It jumped the shark last year or earlier, and I’m just glad we don’t have to hear about it over and over again anymore.

The truly historic event that I was referencing? Best record in baseball! This isn’t some minor thing. A baseball team in Washington has only managed this twice, ever. And one of those times they ended up winning the World Series.

It’s a special moment, because it really does indicate that the Nationals are for real. They didn’t squeak into the playoffs, nor did they back into the NL East title. They had the best record in all of Major League Baseball.This is not a minor thing. It shows just how good they were this season. Hopefully it also indicates how good they are compared to the rest of the league, but also, thanks to the youth, gives a clue as to how good they’ll be the next few years.

I’m surprised at how little attention this has be shown locally. They didn’t secure the best record until yesterday, but instead the newspaper threw an article on the front page about Teddy’s victory. No mention today, at least on the front page of the paper, about this milestone that happened yesterday.

Whatever happens in the playoffs, this is a great accomplishment. There is no President’s Trophy in baseball the way there is in hockey. But the Nats and their fans should take pride in what this team has done already, before the playoffs even start.

By Charlie