I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting over the next week or two – I have some non-interesting craziness added to my schedule, plus a trip to Texas that includes a drive (yes, a drive) back here – so why not start my potential absence with some links!

While this article is fantasy focused, it recommends picking up Ross Detwiler for some short term starter help, it gives some interesting insights as to why he’s been doing so well. It suggests his success is based primarily on keeping the ball on the ground and throwing two different types of fastballs.

This is an extremely interesting article by Jay Jaffe on the Juice Era – juiced baseballs, that is. Jaffe is a great writer who usually comes out with very good stuff, and this is no exception. He suggests much of the power surge may have come the baseball rather than the steroids – and he starts it out by talking about how the exact same thing happened in the 70s. This got me hooked early, and the article goes on to talk about the juiced baseballs of the steroid era.

A look at the wonderful city of Montreal and its efforts to get a team back there. I absolutely love the city and the area up there in general, and would love to go back to see a game. I think the article is great except for that last bit where Caple says it should be happening in Montreal. No, it shouldn’t.

And finally, if you’re looking for something to read over the long weekend, or if I don’t get to post and you’re desperate for some content, head on over to this series of articles at fangraphs. They’ve come up with some new pitching stats – your chance to see some Sabrmetrics at birth!

By Charlie