Jayson Werth and Alex Rodriguez have something in common – they both have 6 more seasons left on their contracts. Another thing they have in common – there probably isn’t a team out there that would sign them to the 6 year deals with the salary they have remaining. But neither the Nats or the Yankees have a choice, these guys are already signed. Which contract would you rather have right now?

Jayson Werth$112 M left, $18.6 per year – Werth hit an underwhelming .232/.330/.389 this season, although from July 19 on (38% of his PAs) he hit .264/.349/.445. While that still wasn’t great, it suggests he recovered from whatever ailed him, mentally or physically, in the first half. That may be about in tune with what he’ll do in a normal season. He gets on base, has some pop, but isn’t a top tier hitter. He has a general reputation for being a good fielder, has some speed on the bases, and is only 31. When the contract ends, he’ll be 37.

Alex Rodriguez$143 M – $173 M left, $23.8 – $28.8 per year (maximum reached upon breaking all time HR record) – ARod was hurt for a good part of this season, but he still managed to hit .276/.362/.461 for the year. That’s slightly better than Werth’s “good” final 1/3 of the season, significantly better than Werth’s full season. However, his range is clearly fading, and he’s 35 years old. If things go well for him, he’ll break Ruth’s, Aaron’s and maybe even Bonds’ HR records. But after his admission of steroid use, it may not get the kind of positive attention he had hoped. When he’s 37 years old, he’ll outperform what Werth will do at 37, but what about when Werth is 37 and ARod’s 41? The Yankees have to worry about where to play him at that point, but let’s not worry about whether or not he’d be blocked by Teixeira or force a trade of Montero. More importantly, will he be able to play 3B at 41? And if not, will he hit like a 1B or DH?

Take your pick

By Charlie