Saturday was blogger night, and I got to go down to the field during BP and take some pictures. I got some pretty good ones, here’s a whole bunch of pictures of your Washington Nats getting ready for the game. Click on any of them to see the full sized version:

Wilson Ramos getting his hacks in

The pitchers ready to get some time in the cage

Livo looking Livany

If Milone isn’t bunting, someone’s getting a baseball in the face

I’m in the dugout, Strasburg’s in the cage. We did not switch places later

Davey’s pregame presser

Strasburg ready to hit

Stras can do it all

A little long toss with the Jesus

Desmond taking some BP

Zimmerman contemplating where his next homer should go

Zim signing, for the fans

Werth isn’t 8 feet tall, those other guys are just much shorter

An empty Nats Park, and yes, it did fill up

Desmond’s turn to sign some baseballs

Werth taking some cuts, Pudge lookin right at me

Zimmerman gets his shot at taking some swings

Talking with Stephen Lombardozzi

Rookies Peacock, Marrero and radio man Dave Jageler

Our seats in the media booth for the game

By Charlie