Hopefully you’ll get to watch some baseball today, with a chance at two games, you’d think they might be able to get one in.

Prospect of the Day: Brad PeacockAn overview of the Nats other fireballing prospect, that closes with this intriguing line: “Many scouts see him as a future reliever and possible closer. However, with two plus pitches, if he can develop the changeup into an even average pitch, he could be a very good starting pitcher.”

A Jim Bowden diatribe on StrasburgI never liked Bowden as a GM, but I love this ripping of anyone who thinks Strasburg shouldn’t be pitching now. While you’re at it, you can read Jayson Stark supporting the Nats’ decision as well.

Keith Law has a great in-depth overview of Tommy John surgery – It is on ESPN Insider, so you have to have that subscription to read it, but it’s definitely good. He addresses Strasburg briefly, and also has some interesting responses to reader comments.

A look at Chien-Ming Wang’s pitches – inclusive at the moment, but still kinda neat to see

The 10,000 day anniversary for Pete Rose’s 4,000th hit – May be of some interest as we was on the Expos at the time

By Charlie