A few observations for the end of the week

  • Mike Morse has been so hot that not only has his OPS climbed to the top 15 in the NL among those with 105 or more PAs, his batting average puts him 8th in the league. He isn’t walking, judging by his .319 AVG and his .349 OBP, but he has had a couple in the last few games. And if you’re hitting .319/.349/.518, you probably should just keep doing what you’re doing for a while
  • Jordan Zimmermann has taken his rightful place as the ERA leader on the starting rotation, checking in at 3.61. He’s also tied for the lead in strikeouts with Tom Gorzelanny at 48.  He has done this in 67 1/3 IP, putting his K/9 at 6.4. Gorzy’s K/9 is 8.2, but JZimm also has the team’s lowest BB/9 with 1.9.
  • Ian Desmond has been hitting much this year, his .614 OPS ranks him 92nd in the NL among hitters with 150 or PAs, right behind Hanley Ramirez at #91. But his glove has been spectacular, and since he returned from paternity leave, he’s only had 1 error, way back on May 4. If he continues to field this well, his bat can take time to come along. His OPS is still towards the bottom among starting NL SS, but with only 5 guys above .700, he’s not that far off to be at least average. But he’s not there yet.


For those who don’t follow this site on twitter (@nationalsreview) or just didn’t see it, I was lucky enough to take some time from a business trip to swing by the Rogers Centre in Toronto this week. I took a few pics, here are a few worth sharing

Pictured below is Manny Acta, seen here leading his division by 5 games:

Perhaps the best view from the seats isn’t the field, but looking up:

Of course, during BP you can get a pretty sweet view, without paying $100 per ticket. Unfortunately they don’t let you sit there all game:

By Charlie