Albert Pujols is probably the best player in baseball right now. He is, probably, 31 years old. His career line is .331/.426/.624, with 408 HRs. He has the minimum 10 years to make the Hall of Fame, and if he were to retire today, he’d be a shoe in. There is talk that he will not re-sign with the Cardinals, and become a free agent. There’s also talk that he is older than 31. There are rumors saying that he wants a 10 year, $300 M deal.

Let’s take it for granted that he’ll entertain all offers, and assume he will only get a few teams really interested, due to money and time of the contract. The Nationals certainly have a chance to sign him if they offered that astronomical sum. But that’s a ton of money in to invest in any player, so would you even want them to?

By Charlie