The Nats have new jerseys again, which whenever I mention it, makes me think I’m talking about the state for a second. I have experience because this is their seventh jersey update in five years. I’m making that number up. Anyway, I notice people are searching for it, coming here, and seeing my post from November 2008. So I figured I’d make a new post showing off the new ones.

Here’s the home unis:

Clean, simple, no cheesy looking gold outlined block letters. I like it, there is a tiny bit of blue that could be a bit less understated, and I could do without the number in the front, but in general very nice.

On to the road ones:

These are the same as last year, and I still like em. They have a very classic uniform look, and I like the home town written on the front. It’s nice they’re literally representing.

The alternate jerseys haven’t seemed to change much, if I recall. They seem to be the basis for the home jersey. I think there is a bit more blue in the red version, which I think looks good and makes it look less like they play in Cincinnati:

There you have it, the 4 jerseys you will see everyone wear this year. I guess you can go out and start purchasing, if you’re not Andy Pollin.

By Charlie